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So, you have found the flame, the gaming bonfire, the place where we discuss the different aspects of the gaming industry that don’t get to see the light of day in many discussions. We want to make sure people are questioning the things that really matter in the world of gaming (we take gaming pretty seriously).

We’ve been making Youtube videos where we discuss different aspects of gaming such as ‘Text vs Speech’ in video games, ‘Gamings Illusion of Difficulty’ and whether Nintendo should just make IP’s and get out of the console game.

We wanted to make sure the world can hear what we have to say in as many places as possible, so follow us here, we’ll link our videos and give you a little bit to read before you delve into the discussion.

Add comments, participate in the discussions, either on here or Youtube, we’ll respond and add our opinion.

All there is to say now is; Gather the kindle, prepare the stones, and take your place, AROUND THE BONFIRE!

Oh, before I go, a quick dump of the episodes that we have uploaded so far. Catch up before we continue, subscribe, follow on here…just stay posted!