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So, maybe we, the flame keepers at ATBonfire that is, see things that other people don’t consider to be of high importance but we have noticed a trend that seems to be taking place…a strong lack of equality in video games.

Ok, so you’re thinking, “Everyone knows there’s inequality in gaming. There are hardly any female protagonists…blah, blah, blah” but we don’t care so much about that (not saying that isn’t an issue). We noticed something slightly more disturbing. Why is it that you rarely get to kill women in video games but men are used as canon fodder?

I know this sounds wrong but bare with me here. In games such as ‘The Last of Us’ we’re meant to be in a world on the brink of destruction, for humans anyway. Considering this, we never encounter female enemies. Yes, you do kill female versions of the cordyceps however, when facing healthy human npc’s, we just go around killing man after man. Why is this? What are we saying here, that women can’t fight for survival? That women wouldn’t do the things us men would do in that circumstance?

Now, take the new Tomb Raider for instance. Lara Croft is a women herself in case you didn’t know and she kills WAVES of enemies in this game, enough to even make Arnold Schwarzenegger wince in discomfort. Considering this, why is it that they all have to be males? If the tables were turned here would somebody be complaining? Probably so.

The worrying thing is, this isn’t the only game that follows this same problem. There are many more. It’s always put across as a situational thing like, ‘It’s a clan of men’ but that just seems like an excuse to me. 

Well, we decided this would be a good topic to put to the flame and guess what… we did just that. Have a listen, see where you stand on the argument and comment either on here or Youtube with your opinion.

Gather the kindle people…