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I’ve awoken to article after article about this guy who reached over 1 million gamerscore on his Xbox live account recently and just have to say…so the fuck what? Are we sincerely praising somebody for playing tons of games?

I know a couple people who played games like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title that was released a few years ago just because it was a simple 1000 gamerscore points or the Avatar game as that was also a simple 1000 gamerscore points. I don’t look down on these people but I sure as hell don’t hold them in high regard.

Maybe I’m just being a grumpy old man at 26 but I find the fascination with trophies and gamerscores to be incredibly warped. I play games for the experience that comes with it. Yeah, when these added benefits were first introduced I was seduced by the possibility of having something tangible to show my achievements but quickly realised that it didn’t mean anything. Now I don’t give two thoughts to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can give respect to somebody achieving a goal that nobody has achieved as of yet but come on, we’re praising a guy for being quite sad and doing nothing else but playing games.

Reading these articles made me realise why people call gamers nerds and geeks. When things like this hit publication, we’re making our own bed.

He achieved a million gamerscore, hooray, now can we talk about some actually important shit?