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It’s been a while since our last post, we ‘sort of’ missed last week’s regular blog BUT we can’t take full responsibility for that. Some of the blame, if not the majority of it, must be given to FromSoftware. I’m sure you know that those amazing sons of female dogs have made another life consuming (or should I say soul consuming) instalment which has devoured all of my time. I’ll get a bit more into that debacle in the next post.

Anyway, as a treat, we’re going to drop two posts on you lovely gamers at once, that’s right, two topics to read about and listen to. Aren’t we the best?

Last week we posted a video on YouTube which was about ‘Backwards Compatibility’. I know what most people initially think is, “Yeah! We want to be able to play PS3 games on our Xbox One! (that was a joke by the way, I’m well aware that you can’t possibly play PS3 games on an Xbox One, well, you probably could but they would never allow it as the companies….you get the point)

I think we would all love the luxury of playing PS3 games on our PS4 and Xbox 360 games on our Xbox One’s, hell, I know people who would fight tooth and nail to get a 60GB PS3 just for the luxury of playing PS2 games on it. We believe there are many possible reasons why this hasn’t happened and that the main one is MONEY. That special thing that rules the world and controls all decisions made in our society. You just have to look at things like the digital download market, Gaikai, etc. There’s too much money to be made here people.

Although this is an argument that many find quite infuriating and ridiculous, we decided to take this argument in different directions as we try to do with all issues here at the bonfire.

Even when we finally accept that we won’t be able to just insert previous generation games into the next or current gen consoles, what about the games that are up for digital download, who makes the decision of which games are included and why?

Before I continue, it would serve well to say that we were sort of split on this aspect of gaming here at the bonfire. One of the flame keepers believed we have been spoilt in recent times and another thought that we should get everything that has ever existed released for repurchase if we so desire. There are valid comments here to defend both arguments here. We tend to assume that it must be a piece of piss to take an old game and just put it on the network, well we have emulators that do it for free (illegally yes but free none the less) and we also have a selection of games that the developers decide to release, so why not everything else?

Even putting that argument to the side, we also then look at the games that have effectively DIED due to the lack of backward compatibility (this more applies to the pc gamers out there, binary fist pump to you all). What happens when a game is no longer playable because the technology has moved on, servers have closed, new games have taken over? Do we just accept the death of an amazing experience and move forward?! We get deep and gritty into this topic here at the bonfire. If this interests you also, listen to us discuss in the episode of ATBonfire posted below and participate via the comments section either here or on YouTube.

Gather the kindle everyone!