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As I stated in the previous post, our lack of blogging is the fault of that beautiful game we call Dark Souls 2. Now, this gorgeous game has taken up so much of my time that I’ve fallen behind with editing, haven’t seen friends, my house is a state and as you know, I’ve been neglecting this beautiful blog page.

The extent of my gaming ties in quite nicely with the topic which was posted on the YouTube page on Monday (late in the evening due to…you guessed it). We, the fire keepers, decided it was high time we hit something that has been a gaming topic of discussion for some time now. We asked, what is a core and casual gamer?

To begin this debate we had to decide what the definitions actually mean. Is a casual gamer just someone who plays for a short while and a hardcore gamer someone who puts all their life into gaming, has lost their job, girlfriend, weight and pet purely because they were so entrenched in a gaming experience?

Problem with this is firstly finding where this definition arose. At what point did we begin to differentiate between gamers? When I was growing up in the good old 90’s, if you played games, you were one of us. We were the elite few who knew the joy of gaming, the pleasure of setting out on a journey and completing it!

Somewhere along the line things changed. Gaming became a money making business which sacrificed quality and integrity for a quick buck (a quick BIG buck I will say). What effect did this have on the gaming industry as a whole?

A few years down the line and now we have even more groups of gamers, from HARDCORE to speed gamers, core, football gamers, simulation gamers, casual gamers and now even people who purely play games on their smartphones and tablets (SHUN!).

With all these changes taking place in the gaming society, where does that leave us hardcore gamers? (That’s right, I made the definition that we flame keepers are hardcore, hardcore to the DEATH OF US!) What are we left to deal with? Have we been forgotten? Is the story of Koji Igarashi the start of what is destined to happen to all the once great game developers of old?!

We discuss all these facets and more in the episode of ATBonfire named Core Gamers vs Casual Gamers…enjoy!

Gather the kindle…