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What’s up with this new found trend to include a sex scene in most “adult” games these days? Stop it! We don’t want it!

Is it used as a way to establish that a game is intended for an adult audience? Is it some desire that the game developers feel the need to exert in the gaming medium…or is it just the case that sex sells?

As always, we at ATBonfire try to look at this phenomenon with a critical eye. As a gamer, what do these scenes bring to the gaming experience? Do they add anything interesting to it? Does it make for a more…engaging or immersive title?

I personally struggle to see benefit to these sexual scenes, no matter what angle I decide to approach the issue from, it’s always just irrelevant.

Another thing to take into account is the half step that seems to be taken by developers. They opt for sexual content and then do things like having characters putting on a bra to have sex. (I don’t know about you but that seems a little ridiculous to me.)

I think it’s all a little too much. Gaming is suppossed to be about…gaming. Fair enough, we all like realism, we all want gaming to become more immersive and less detached from real life but is sex really necessary for that to happen?

We had a discussion about this. Have a listen and participate where you feel the desire!

Gather the kindle…