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Welcome back everyone! We have a special treat for you all. A podcast about The Hobbit, all it’s faults and the odd positive aspect are highlighted by us, the flame keepers.

Let me give you a little understanding before you give the video a listen. We are all fans, really BIG fans of Tolkien’s work. From the Silmirilion to the Return of the King, speaking chronologically (Children of Hurin is included in that list also). I have to admit, I never knew of Tolkien until I saw the Lord of the rings films which gave me the desire to read his novels. Once I had read them…I hated the films. Well, Two Towers and Return of The King that is.

Bare in mind, I am only one of the flame keepers so I can’t speak for Drew or Bain but I personally got fairly upset by the addition of the elves in every essential part of the story, the lack of Dunedines, the list goes on.

From this experience, I went into The Hobbit movies with…apprehension, to say the least. From the moment I heard that they were going to be making the small novelette into a trilogy I knew I’d be irritated but I gave it the benefit of a doubt.

I shouldn’t have. Personally, I didn’t like it, some of my reasons being the lack of a consistent protagonist, the poor character development, unnecessary inclusions of certain characters, destruction of some of my favourite characters…and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

As I said before, this is all my personal opinion, Drew, Bain and our guest speaker Chuckles, all have different opinions, at times. Have a watch of the podcast, see who and where you align yourselves with and continue the debate.

Beware, if you haven’t watched the film or read the novel, this video is JAM PACKED with spoilers. Enjoy.

Gather the Kindle…