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Hello again! Let us discuss something which effects all gamers…well most gamers. Whether you are a fan of multiplayer as an addition to gaming or as a complete gaming experience, we have to encounter it at some point these days. What we have decided to do is look at it in a, shall we say, pessimistic way.

Now, none of us flame keepers are saying playing with someone isn’t a good thing. Of course there are those games that require a little alone time, then there are those that are fun to play with others. MY personal opinion of multiplayer is that it is tacked on to way to many games these days. The industry has gone to a place where nearly everything needs to have a multiplayer aspect…even if it doesn’t truly need it.

Ok, saying it doesn’t need it is probably a bit harsh but it’ not used in the correct manner. What is the most popular use of multiplayer? Arena based combat. Now, does every game work with an arena based combat section? Hell no! Some games would work well with a cooperative style of multiplayer, in the same vain as GTA Online, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, etc.

Talking about Co op, why is there such a lack of that kind of multiplayer? There used to be an endless amount of cooperative games in the world of gaming. Streets of Rage, Goldenaxe, Two Crude Dudes, Battletoads…and many many more. Now what do we have? Gears of War………………….that’s all I can truly think of. What about split screen?! Where did that go? Why are there always these irritating black sections on the screen?

The world of multiplayer has changed gaming forever. Of course, the ability to play a game with someone half way across the world is amazing and has most likely created events that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise but is it really worth it? Have we gone the right way with multiplayer and what does the next generation gaming consoles have in store for multiplayer?

These questions and the many aspects of multiplayer are dissected in our video below. Enjoy the conversation and get involved via the comments!

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