Some things in life flutter away and die. They live a short life to never be seen again; firework explosions, mayflies, new year diets. Other things last forever. They never die; Connor MacLeod, Kaim, Kain…herpes.

Then there are those few things, those gems that die a death, only to be rekindled in a stronger, more vibrant form than they ever were. Here we are, the phoenix, the everlasting, everliving!

It has been a LONG hiatus. A breather to champion all breathers, but we have returned, however, things will be different this time. For a start, we’re all older, we’ve all transitioned over to the next generation ¬†of consoles…well, the current generation of consoles (for better or worse), ther will be more speakers, shorter talks…and more blogging!

The structure of the YouTube videos is also changing, but all that is to come. For now, take pleasure in knowing that we are back, (if you missed us…if you knew us…)

There are always things to discuss, things to delve into, swords to be drawn and brandished at the first sign of a debate.

Prepare yourselves. In the immortal words of Fei Long, “Get ready!”