Diversity in gaming: Does it matter?

Recently, media has been littered with arguments about diversity, in a variety of forms. Gender, skin colour, culture and sexual orientation have all been something that people have been stating needs more representation. I agree with these statements, to some extent, and in different degrees, depending on the situation. To put all the cards on the table, so to speak, I’m a second generation British African descendant, who has lived my whole life in England. This has caused me to always be a minority in my social circles, (except for family functions). Two of the things that I have always … Continue reading Diversity in gaming: Does it matter?

Competition fighting is killing fun: My experience with Street Fighter V

I’ve been playing Street Fighter V for about a day now. Not long at all, granted, but I’ve formed some opinions about it, which I wanted to share. A quick disclosure; this is a belief that has been formed over the past few years of playing part four online also. As I explained in my last post, I have always been a fan of fighting games. There has always been a draw for me. They’ve always been fun; the rush of battle, the flamboyant moves and the skill needed to pull them off. Due to my enjoyment of this genre, … Continue reading Competition fighting is killing fun: My experience with Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter in a small pond.

Anyone who knows me…well, knows me on a gaming level (When I was growing up, gaming was a thing you did in private. A dirty little secret that you didn’t want the girls to know you did. I still carry that attitude and don’t really declare I’m a gamer…unless someone asks) will know that my gaming preferences would fall quite centrally between RPG’s and Fighting Games. I always prided myself on bring quite good at both genre’s. No one wanted to play me in fighters, solely because I would beat them all the time, which wasn’t fun for either me or … Continue reading The Street Fighter in a small pond.

I’m bored of my PS4!

OK,  so let me clarify a single point here, I love my ps4 as a console. It does what I need it to do; plays games, adequate online experience, great indies on PSN, I can watch anime on Kissanime through the Internet browser and it functions perfectly fine. My problem doesn’t lie with the console per say, it’s more to do with the software. This seems to be my issue with the entire new state of gaming. If you read my Top 5 Games of 2015 list, you’ll understand that I didn’t really enjoy that many of the AAA games that … Continue reading I’m bored of my PS4!