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Welcome to my first list of 2016 and is focussed on one thing…looking forward. 2016 promises to be another interesting year in this business we call Gaming. Nintendo are up to no good with a new console(s) and we’re possibly going to see a whole load of long promised games finally materialize. I, for one, can’t wait!

One thing I’ve taken from this list is that I’m really dependant on Japanese games this year, by quite a clear margin!

1. The Legend of Zelda WiiU – How long have we been waiting for this?? Most possibly since the first time the WiiU was announced. It could’ve been the console seller Nintendo would’ve hoped for, now it looks likely to be the game for those who stuck by the WiiU through many a barren spell.  They keep showing us the same footage and whilst it’s beautiful, hoping E3 this year will deliver much, much more.


Zelda WiiU

Epona, Hyrule field and Link(le?)

2. Final Fantasy XV – Another title that seems to have been in development for years, so much so that I’m finally tired of waiting for it. Still, Episode Duscae gave people enough to sink their teeth into and get a feel as to what we’ll be expecting. An interesting way to garner public/fans opinion of what their working on that shows SquareEnix are sensitive to how their latest title will be received.

The all male cast and stereotypical Japanese interpretation of female characters in Duscae sits with me as a potential to alienate some gamers, however I’m willing to wait this one out due to the sheer amount of man-love I have for the franchise.  Will see on March 30th at the “Uncovered” event in LA what extra info will come out, hopefully firm details and whilst extra footage is great the wait has been long enough already.


Chocobos?! I’m sold!

3. Fire Emblem Fates –I’m a late comer into the Fire Emblem series but thankfully Awakening was such a great game I have no choice but to be excited for Fates. I’ve tried my best to keep away from all the media and attention of this as it’s been out in Japan already for some time (localisation of 3DS titles is borderline insane at times) but every time I see screenshots I want to jump straight in. The story and ability to choose one of two different sides of a war really intrigues me, mix in with that solid tactical battles, gorgeous anime cut scenes and hours of gameplay has it set up to be a 3DS classic.

What isn’t in Fire Emblems favour is that both stories are on separate game disks, requiring seperate full price purchases. This is going to cause a lot of gamers to only experience half the story, which is a shame as they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into creating this two-sided story, and will more than likely annoy quite a few people.  For myself however all I need is the special edition to be pre-ord-able in Europe and for Nintendo not be stingy with how many pre-orders will be available like they have been in the US.


How to decide…

4. Bravely Second End Layer – I’ve just sunk a months worth of gaming into Bravely Default, and whilst it was a strain towards the end the twist on battle dynamics and strong job system kept me hooked and pulled me through. This in itself is a surprise to me as when I first played the demo to the original I couldn’t get on with it, perseverance paid off in the end though. This has set me up to excited to get my hands on the sequel (special edition pre-ordered) and willing to plunge yet another month into my 3DS.

As with Fates I’ve managed to stay away from the media surrounding it as it’s been out in Japan for some time and I’m trying to remain spoiler free. A code has just arrived in my inbox to download the demo, though it’s more like a short episode that links to the main game, once I’m done with that I know whether I’ll need to put another month aside in my schedule.


The job system, full of “interesting” costumes

5.Dark Souls III – Having jumped on board back in the days of Demon Souls (yes, I’m a certified trend setter) I have no choice but to want to play this. Whist Bloodborne was an exceptional game, definitely one of my favourite games of 2015, it only briefly scratched the itch that’s been left by the Dark Souls series. Only this Dark Souls III can satisfy my need for brutal but immensely rewarding game. I don’t need video footage, I don’t need a demo, I don’t need a press release…all I need is a place that allows me to give money to From Software. Yes, the collectors edition has been pre-ordered.



Prepare to die…

Keeping an eye on…

There’s plenty of games lined up to release in 2016, some we’ll see and others I’m sure we won’t. There’s two I hope to see released this year but I’m not holding my breath.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – lots of hype, amazing footage, episodic release, huge expectations…this could be a BIG year for SquareEnix.

The Last Guardian – On, off, on, off….we’re finally back to ON. Everyone knows about this game, it’s like a mythical beast that every child is taught about but never actually see with their own eyes.

Here’s to 2016!!!!!!