Nate’s list of amazing video game soundtracks!

Ok, so the rules when making this list were simple; no more than one song from any series. Just needed to clarify that. We also all made a list, and I made mine last, so some songs had to be omitted to avoid boring repetition. That is the main reason this isn’t called my ‘favourite video game soundtracks’ as there are some amazing songs missing from the list.

With that clarification out of the way, these songs get me CRUNK every time I listen to them. They’re just amazingly composed and have such an effect when they feature in the games they come from.


1: Streets of Rage 2 – Alien Power

streets of rage 2 sega mega drive cover

The best song in this game in my honest opinion. This song got me hyped up! I knew it was time for some ‘grand upper’ motives, to find the katana in the mist, that the game was drawing to a close…and that Blanka was going to get it! Yes, that was Blanka.


2: Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater (Ladder Climb)


This was just…just…I can’t explain. When climbing this ladder, I had hairs standing up on end. It set the mood for the upcoming battle and completing the game. Just…MWAH!


3: Red Dead Redemption – Far Away


After playing this game for a while, and then having to head over to Mexico, this song really made you feel like it was time to kill those sons of bitches you’d been chasing. I remember riding past my actual destination, solely so I could keep hearing this track.


4: Final Fantasy VIII – Liberi Fatali


Ok, this is an obvious and cliched one, but come on, do you know how many times I watched the trailer for this game, just to hear this song? Every image from that trailer is seared into my mind!


5: Golden Axe II– Boss Theme


This song was badass…is badass…will forever be badass! I used to love the boss fight purely for this track. There are SO many tracks in this game, but this had to be my choice.


6: Thunder Force IV – Course Select


This let you know, if you weren’t sure yet, that shit was about to get REAL! I loved the fact that you could choose which level to do in your own time. This song was BOSS!


7: Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Song of Storms


I would go to the windmill and play this song over, and over, and over….I think you get how much I loved this track. I loved this game. There are so many songs in the game I loved, but this is the one that comes to mind when I think of Zelda.


8: Transistor – Apex Beat


If you haven’t played this game, and you should, just listen to the soundtrack. By far one of the best video game soundtracks EVER made. I think they dumped most of their budget into the OST. Just listen to this song all the way through. The levels!


9: Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder


Anyone who has seen this beast running towards them understands the power behind this song. The emotion is so mixed here. You want to murder the shit out of him, but feel sorry. After all the intense music in the boss battles throughout this game, this song sets the perfect mood for the end.


10: Spiderman – Kingpin Showdown


I don’t know what it is about this song, but whenever I hear it, I get goosebumps. The nostalgia I feel when hearing it is unbelievable! It’s so psychedelic! When I turn 70 and do heroin for the first time…this will be playing. (first song to play. Couldn’t find an individual track.)


Honourable mentions:

Bastion – A Proper Story

OlliOlli 2 – (didn’t include this as it was all music already made, I think, but each song is amazing.)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 – Desert Stage

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