Gaming with Anxiety

A fascinating personal opinion piece on gaming and anxiety. Recommended read.

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anxietytitlecard     Anxiety sucks. Let’s go ahead and end this blog…

No, I’m just kidding (about ending the blog post). For those of you who don’t know, anxiety is considered a disorder. In general there are diseases, syndromes, and then there are disorders. The primary differences between them are that diseases disrupt the physiological processes in our bodies, syndromes are collections of signs/symptoms related to health concerns, and finally, disorders are disruptions to the regular body functions, and its’ structure. But what exactly is anxiety, and how does it make you feel?

Anxiety is simple to sum up, but hard to describe without experiencing it. To sum it up in my own personal word, is to probably say, well, dread. Literally. Not Judge Dredd, but the feeling of dread. If you’ve ever in your life, felt like something bad was going to happen to you, or was…

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