Clearing the Steam Backlog: A Study in Point-and-Clicks

As a former avid fan of this genre espeically the work from Lucas Arts and their various point and click titles a great run down detailing a number of interesting looking titles to try.

The Hannie Corner

After giving my first impressions of ten roguelike titles in my backlog and determining whether I would like to play them again in the future, I decided to switch gears a bit for my next batch of titles.  Instead of discussing a genre that I haven’t enjoyed much in the past, I wanted to try games in an area that I have historically loved, yet never reach for as often as I should.  For me, this is the point-and-click adventure title.

I’m not sure why I don’t pick point-and-clicks up more often.  They often become personal favorites of mine every time I give one a chance, and yet I so rarely reach for one.  My best guess is that the genre isn’t very flashy, with many of them being made by small studios and utilizing similar art styles that get difficult to distinguish after a while.  Still, for today, I…

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