12 Months, 12 Games: February – Firewatch

“For me, the lasting impression I took of the game playing as Henry was a broken and hurt individual who had sacrificed a great deal for the woman he loves, perhaps loved. The Forest presented a chance to heal and find peace in his soul and in the choices he had made.” Continue reading 12 Months, 12 Games: February – Firewatch

The Heroes of Heroism & The Crystal Tomb – Dungeons and Dragons Sunday

“Thankfully the heroes were relatively unscathed and pushed forward although the path to freedom and their escape was relatively obscured and hidden immediately. With the promise of treasure and a good few enemies to krump the heroes pushed forward deeper into the unknown. immediately, it became clear the threats to the group were immense with challenges presenting themselves immediately, a shrinking room, a crumbling bridge, even a crushing orange colored boulder the path to freedom and escape was a dangerous adventure awaiting the heroes with every perilous step.” Continue reading The Heroes of Heroism & The Crystal Tomb – Dungeons and Dragons Sunday

Love In The Open World

“With the traditional frivolities of Valentines upon us I’ve taken it upon myself to look at some basic actions and mechanics open world games, the most resplendent environments available to the discerning gamer in our current generation can undertake in their future endeavours.” Continue reading Love In The Open World

Let’s Watch…Tomb Raider (2018)

“The final movie, taken at its entirety feels like a mixed event, the first half, tonaly a grounded origin story following the progression and growth of the heroine from her humble beginnings to a blossoming and certified action hero having experienced the anguish and suffering similar to her contemporaries. Unfortunately the film then decides to abandon any natural progression and to a degree abandons her” Continue reading Let’s Watch…Tomb Raider (2018)

The Never Ending Game: Will Infinite Video Game Experiences Be The New Normal?

Originally posted on simpleek:
In the land of sequels, reboots, and remakes it’s beginning to be difficult to see anything having a definitive and decisive ending. We stretch out experiences for as long as we can. At times it can enhance a story to build upon what’s already there. Or it can be at the detriment of an already solid experience. Video games are the perfect entertainment medium to keep coming back to for new missions and boss fights to face at any time. Games like Destiny, Overwatch, and Fortnite are wildly successful because they’re games that don’t have an… Continue reading The Never Ending Game: Will Infinite Video Game Experiences Be The New Normal?

Exploring the Elements: Water

“Games such as Endless Ocean allude to that sensation and present a world or environment where you can envision and even imagine that feeling but no game has come anywhere close to that feeling when you submerge and feel that sense of freedom and tension evaporating beneath the surface. Instead, whether intentionally or not, modern games have instead opted to focus on the grandeur of the vision and environment.” Continue reading Exploring the Elements: Water