Blogvember – 30 Day Challenge

Inspired by two wonderfully creative souls, Megan and her 30 day Geek Out Challenge in August and Alyssa and her own 30 day challenge in October I felt it was about time after a year of writing to challenge myself to write daily for a month around a variety of fandom based topics and questions. I watched enviously and with appreciation in awe as a wide variety of authors and creators committed in August to posting daily on these types of challenges and promised myself when I felt I could commit I would undertake this challenge.

Megan has created a fun set of questions to answer that whilst not probing the inner depths of your soul and moral convictions, thankfully, do present a fun challenge to address your inner fandom that covers a vast swathe of interests and areas of discussions. The premise is fairly straightforward, each day you answer one of the 30 set questions as a daily post with as much detail and scope as you see fit. There is no pre-set format or length requirement, its as you wish.

My own, personal preference for this challenge is to write approximately 1,000 words per post on the subject at hand. I do tend to write more on a standard entry but in terms of attrition and sustainability, I feel this is a nice amount without burdening the reading public who will have a significant amount of content coming their way from myself in November. Maybe a few pictures as well should the mood inspire, I do like a good mix of visual aids to work along side the written word, it works for me and this is my space to show my creative side.

Below are the questions I will be tackling in November, as and when I tackle the questions I will link back to them in one easy to read place. Do check out Megan’s original post and challenge as it made for a great red in August, and hopefully, if all goes well, I will have some interesting and meaningful answers to present.

30 Day Geek Out Challenge Prompts

If you want to join in or take on the 30 day challenge yourself, Megan’s first post is a great place to start which has the questions listed. I have tweaked question nine to suit a non-anime watcher to ‘animation’ so if you want to answer the questions in its entirety then be aware of that change. Otherwise, look forward to the challenge and hopefully will come out the other side ready for Christmas.

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