30 Day Challenge Day Fifteen: What Hogwarts House are you in?

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Day Fifteen: What Hogwarts House are you in?

One of the trickier questions today, entirely as my better half loves Harry Potter, one of the few book series she actively reads and film series she has watched repeatedly. I have not. However, for the one you love you make great sacrifices and for me this involved taking her for her birthday to the Harry Potter tour in London. My first, voluntary experience into the magical world of Harry Potter and it’s biggest secret, just how much merchandise it’s possible to sell for each and every house in this fictional world. I was probably as astonished at the size of the shop as I was in the experience itself. Absolutely puts anything else to shame and still it continues to pull in an audience with waiting times to attend at least two or three months for popular seasons. We were fortunate to get tickets to Hogwarts in the Snow, this year we missed out. So, why have I picked Slytherin? a house I am dutifully informed is the house of bad and evil wizards and snake creatures and aligned to someone without a name. Quite simply, one deciding factor, the house colours of black and green.

I’ve long held a certain, penchant for these two colours, probably going back to their overwhelming use in Star Trek and aesthetic of the Borg collective. Ever since, I do just find them a nice combination to associate with. When Converse launched their customisation service in the UK and the means to ship a pair of custom sneakers over from the US, of course I had to go with the colours black and green, ostensibly for the Borg, hell, for a bit of class I even had engraved Resistance in Latin on the side. Now of course, I would moralistically try to associate with Harry’s house as they seem to be a bunch of righteous wizards but look, Slytherin just look for stylish. I’ll accept its a completely superficial reason to pick a house, but in this instance today there really wasn’t any other deciding factor. So instead I will leave you with the time I rode a broomstick outside Hogwarts in the snow.

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