30 Day Challenge Day Twenty Five: Favourite geeky youtuber?

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Day Twenty Five: Favourite geeky youtuber?

This will probably be a short but sweet post today as we move onto my favourite geeky YouTuber, for the simple fact, I really don’t watch a lot of (or any) streaming services or channels. As discussed previously, the original intention of Around the Bonfire was always a collaborative effort and my forte was in the written word, here for all of you fine individuals. There was an intention to take this into streaming and videos however not an aspect I was involved with and whilst its an area I am looking to expand into in 2020, for now, very much my focus is on writing and as such, in conjunction with actually gaming I do have little time to watch gaming channels. That does need to change going forward and an intention of mine to be more engaging in this community.

For now, I am going to talk about a gaming channel I have been following that releases a sporadic episode of content that goes in depth into a subject matter of choice, the gents at the international gaming podcast Region Free Gamer’s. For transparency, one of the recent additions to the team is a close friend of mine who resides in Holland but it provides a nice connection to hear him talking about gaming when he makes his appearance on the series. I only came to hearing the show when he joined up but the joy of a good podcast/show is always the feeling as if you’ve just walked into a room during a conversation, standing on the periphery and finding out actually it’s a really great, engaging and informative conversation.

The debut episode for me was focused on the legacy of the Dreamcast hosted by my friend and was a long form discussion around its launch, history and legacy that continues to reverberate today. It’s a little different I would guess from typical gaming streaming channels focused centrally around in game footage, with a runtime close to two hours in a video format it can be engaging to watch in its entirety but I guess it’s something you can come back to and each episode is split into chapters with breaks at critical junctures along you to pause and resume at a later point. Podcast form is of course the best way to enjoy the show but this is a question around YouTube and they run a channel so it works for me.

I’ll wrap this up relatively quickly today, there is more I could say about the show, the hosts are all informative and have a great knowledge of the gaming medium and culture which shows in the passion they talk about the subject matter in question. If this sounds like one big long advert for their show, well, I enjoy it and enjoy listening to them talk gaming and also that my buddy has managed to find his own niche in this gaming community quite different from what I do but a really engaging narrative in their own right. So if you have a few minutes (or 120 of them) then would heartily recommend, I enjoy it, you could to.

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