Tales From The Bonfire – January

One of the joys of writing within the Gaming community is being inspired and drawing inspiration from others. One of which was a fairly simple structure of looking back each month and reflecting on what we’ve accomplished. So, I decided to undertake this practise going forward and take a step back to see what I’ve achieved. One of the subjective lessons I’ve picked up in the outside world about myself in work is struggling to view the positives and objective strengths whilst recognising and supporting others. A basic tool to support this is to take a step back and recognise what you’ve accomplished and build from this. So, a look back at January and ideas for the month ahead.

Performance Review

I begun 2019 with clear tangible, small objectives to accomplish and areas I wanted to develop. As the New Year ticked over, January has very much been a transformative experience for the blog and in general my creative endeavours. I am more focused on the recording aspect and planning what direction to take that, whether as a solo experience or a more collaborative approach. I also found by tying myself to a strict Friday publishing schedule it was removing a lot of the fun of this project. I do recognise the importance of regular scheduling but not at the expense of sapping any enjoyment from writing. Consequently I have published more this month than on previous occasion so perhaps there is madness behind the methodology?

An improvement anyway on engagement from this time last year, I had probably found consistency in January 2019 which had been my main issue but topics of conversation were a little less focused. I like to think twelve months later I’ve found a theme or style that suits me. As ever, the most viewed and searched article is a series I concluded in 2018 on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in London though I believe it’s hit some form of metrics or search on Google which is driving people over so that’s interesting to consider. Still, I do want to engage more, between work, life and writing it leaves precious free time to collaborate and work with others, it’s the goal for the month and year ahead.

Published Posts

Taking a break from gaming and using the time to take a reflective look back at a number of exhibits and shows I have been fortunate to attend over the years long before I had begun blogging and writing in earnest. From my first ‘experience’ working and attending a Star Trek in 2003 in London, to a chance encounter at a Star Wars show in Sydney 2009 and finally a Lego designed DC Superheroes show from 2017 in London. Covering the spectrum of ‘geek culture’ a nostalgic look back at these amazing shows.

Reflecting on the past was certainly a theme in January, fitting then my one and only completed game in January was the remastered version of Ghostbusters on the PS4, a fun return to the franchise for me, not a perfect experience but memorable for the right reasons. I looked back on a visit to the Bond in Motion exhibit in London’s Film Museum in Covent Garden, a treat for any fan of the super spy. And lastly, I finally published my review of the The Art of Mafia 3. Having finished this game in the autumn of last year, the book has been staring at me intently until I finally released this article. A busy month for January and a productive one.

Posts I Enjoyed

I really enjoyed this article from The Frank Gamer page looking at Mass Effect Andromeda. A very thorough and enjoyable read, a game I mean to revisit in the coming year and a good basis to judge it again.

Always enjoy the articles from Stace at Shoot The Rookie and this was no exception with a really informative review of the various geek and gaming themed activities in and around Glasgow.

The first review I’ve read from Virtual Visions and an informative review of Pathfinder drawing inspiration from some of my favourite games to present this variation on the dungeon explorer title. A great read.

Plans For Next Month

Pushing slowly but surely through Death Stranding. I had heard mixed reviews on its release, it’s sales figures suggests it hasn’t set the charts alight but I am enjoying the experience so far, how the world keeps opening up and adding new layers so one to finish.

After two decades of resistance my facade has cracked and finally going to sit down and watch the Harry Potter series. In part, inspired by visiting the exhibition on Fantastic Beasts at the Natural History Museum and the World of Harry Potter in October. A new series to review and enjoy.

Picked this up on PS+ a few months ago, I hadn’t intended to return to this series so soon but as a stand alone experience its an interesting take on this historically challenging period. Enjoying the return to pirate ships and naval combat after the streets of London in Syndicate.

So a productive January, if it had a main theme certainly reflecting on the past and some of the events I’ve been fortunate and lucky enough to attend and learn from. It was only when forming the Star Wars article and researching it for instance, I found out that very specific window in 2009 I had visited Sydney was the only time it left North America for a wider audience. Whether it was good fortune, luck or happenstance over the years I have stumbled across an exhibit or two and having this platform allows me to look back and bring the experience and images to a new audience. I hope you’ve found it enjoyable. Plans are coming together for February, I find myself strategically planning the year ahead already, I had to get in fast to get tickets to visit the Fantastic Beasts exhibit in May and we’ve already brought our Dark Arts tickets for the World of Harry Potter in October. The one lesson I’ve learned in recent years, if you want to plan for Christmas in London, start in January.

Until next time.

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5 thoughts on “Tales From The Bonfire – January

  1. Also thanks for the shout out. I hope you’ll enjoy Harry Potter, in not sure how well it will transition as an adult only read. Most people I know enjoyed it as children or as parents reading to their children. Would be interesting to hear your take on it

    1. From what I’ve picked up the first couple are Chris Columbus films so expecting a youthful…home alone esque vibe? could be really off. Will be an interesting experience.

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