Opinion Pieces

Opinion Piece

The first opinion piece we wrote looking at the use of horses in video games and our favourite companion.
Exploring water levels in video games and the respective themes and tropes for this particular element.
We look at the controversy caused by the reveal of DOA 6 and judge whether it was sexualisation or PC Culture
A Valentine’s Day special looking at Love and Romance in the open world genre, has any game managed to capture the essence of love faithfully?
Dipping our toes into the Freemium Market and the titles we’ve played consistently, from the good to the goodness no.
The first entry in our look at finance and wealth in video game worlds and their impact on these virtual societies.
Our comprehensive look at London on the small, big and digital screens as we explore the fictional and real world of our Capital City.
A break away from gaming and media and examining the importance of following a middle ground perspective in our writing and interactions.

Collaboration Projects

A film tag I couldn’t resist but take up covering some of my personal favourite and least favourite movies.

A TV shows tag that piqued my interest covering a variety of questions and topics.

Taking part in the Charming and Open collaboration with Adventure Rules.

Another collaboration with Adventure Rules taking part in my first showdown in Sick Day Saviour.

Taking a detailed look at the Legend of Zelda through the prism of a literary classic.

A reflective look back a my gaming backlog and showing some love and support for games collection.

Creative Endeavours

London On Screen

An endeavour to showcase an assortment of locations in and around London as featured in Films, Television and Gaming. From the obscure to the well known, the wealth of the capital on the silver, smaller and digital screen.

A visit to Malta and Gozo in 2019 afforded a chance to visit a number of locations featured in the first season of Game of Thrones. Join us where Ned and Jamie fought to the gates of Kings Landing.

A visit to the small cathedral city of Wells in Somerset and an opportunity to visit a few memorable filming locations from the movie Hot Fuzz. Walking around the market square is a very familiar experience.

Mainstream Media Articles

Our review of Old Man’s Journey as featured on the Metro website
Our Christmas wish for a perfect Star Trek game on the Metro last Christmas
A concise review of our comparison series on Assassins Creed Syndicate & London