Product Reviews


Our first gaming art book and the world of the xenomorph in The Art of Alien Isolation
The world of the Dead Space universe in The Art of Dead Space
Starting in Chronological order and reviewing the Art Before The Storm
Exploring the futuristic world in The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn.
The original title in this landmark series and The Art of Life is Strange
The post Apocalyptic world of The Last of Us and creation of this dangerous world.
The final frontier of the Star Trek universe, a review of New Worlds and New Civilizations
A review of this distinctive soundtrack artbook for Biohazard 4 from Japan
An exploration of the world of Thedas in The Art of Dragon Age Inquisition

Near future Chicago and the creation of this new series in The Art of Watch Dogs
Looking at the Early days of the design work from Capcom in this Japanese art book.
Looking at the digital art book part of the deluxe Detroit Become Human release.
The Art of Mafia 3 and the fictional world of New Bordeaux in America’s Deep South.
The Art of Assassin’s Creed Unity and an adventure in revolutionary Paris.


A review of the concluding chapter in the latest version of IT Chapter Two (2019)

Guilty Pleasure Movies

Time travelling aircraft carriers and the moral quandary of Pearl Harbour in The Final Countdown
If you missed the bus, we won’t blame you for missing the boat, but we enjoyed Speed 2: Cruise Control
He survived a captured US Warship, now the sequel aboard a passenger train in Under Siege 2