30 Day Challenge Day Seventeen: Favourite video game soundtrack?

“I’ll reveal my bone of contention from the offset, I do genuinely believe, with no malice or ill feeling due, there aren’t many genuinely good or great soundtracks in their entirety. I could name a dozen individual themes I enjoy but for a soundtrack in its purest term, I just don’t believe there are many greats, even extending this beyond gaming into film and television” Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Day Seventeen: Favourite video game soundtrack?

Sunshine Blogger Award

“I’ve tackled a few of these in the last six months, most recently around gaming when I tackled the Gamer Tag with a list of questions designed to reveal a little more about yourself from A Geek Girls Guide. This set of questions covers an intriguing range of topics and subjects I’ve discussed in some detail over the months and ones that I always enjoy writing about and challenging myself to answer from gaming music and art to more moralistic decisions. So without further delay, let’s get down to business and answer these questions as set by Kelly.” Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Friday Favourites – TV/Movie Adaptation

I decided to focus only on books that were adapted specifically into television or movie format, that pre-existed before the final form was realised as opposed to the novelization of media which is perhaps another discussion entirely. The tone and dialogue on the screen tends to change fundamentally to the written word which allows a deeper and often more indulgent exploration of the characters motivations and thought process for example. Continue reading Friday Favourites – TV/Movie Adaptation

DOA 6: Overt Sexualisation or Socially Political Controversy?

“if we adopt a mentality of viewing these titles entirely through the prism of Western sensibilities and the Overton window of mainstream agreement we open ourselves to live and reside entirely within the filter bubble of our own intellectual beliefs without ever truly challenging our mindset and convictions. Equally as dangerous a precedent I would argue to adopt.” Continue reading DOA 6: Overt Sexualisation or Socially Political Controversy?

Love In The Open World

“With the traditional frivolities of Valentines upon us I’ve taken it upon myself to look at some basic actions and mechanics open world games, the most resplendent environments available to the discerning gamer in our current generation can undertake in their future endeavours.” Continue reading Love In The Open World

Exploring the Elements: Water

“Games such as Endless Ocean allude to that sensation and present a world or environment where you can envision and even imagine that feeling but no game has come anywhere close to that feeling when you submerge and feel that sense of freedom and tension evaporating beneath the surface. Instead, whether intentionally or not, modern games have instead opted to focus on the grandeur of the vision and environment.” Continue reading Exploring the Elements: Water