Plague Inc. – iOS/Android Review

Indeed, the central premise of the game is simple, you are the virus itself, growing and responding to changing conditions with the objective to destroy all life as we know it. Through a series of mechanisms you evolve and adapt to varying conditions and attempts to curtail your progress by the international community Continue reading Plague Inc. – iOS/Android Review

A Discussion on Freemium Gaming

“Freemium Gaming, the dirty little secret of the console connoisseur’s repertoire, a shameless exploitation of the worst aspects of a person’s character targeting the desire to succeed at a literal cost trapping the user within a un winning cycle of endless repetition. In their current iteration on occasion they are closer to licensed and themed gambling machines as opposed to their premium equivalency on the latest generation of consoles and dedicated gaming rigs” Continue reading A Discussion on Freemium Gaming

Star Trek: Gaming’s Under Utilised Franchise – Part Two: The Present

“To look for a future direction for the franchise given its past predication to emulate its competitors you have to look at its competition and peers, large open world titles are the current vogue, and whilst this would restrict the location to a single planet and remove the need for a Starship as a means of transportation as a hub location in orbit it could serve a purpose” Continue reading Star Trek: Gaming’s Under Utilised Franchise – Part Two: The Present