Picard – Part Two Review

“With the lethargy of the first chapter reaching its conclusion in the first tranche of episodes, Picard was off into the frontier, arriving into an overwhelming atmosphere of hostility and resentment. The series is ostensibly framed around the premise of the legacy of this particular character, the trajectory of his life after the events of the last motion picture. ” Continue reading Picard – Part Two Review

Picard – Part One Review

“I had a conflicting sensation of dread and optimism when Picard was announced in 2018 at Comic Con, the prospect of the continuation of one of my most cherished franchises and series framed against the legacy of the recent movie trilogy and Discovery series” Continue reading Picard – Part One Review

30 Day Challenge Day Twenty Two: Favourite fandom quote?

“As the show reached its second season, it faced a multitude of disruptions to its production, from a writing team dissolving and going its separate way, a key character leaving due to alleged sexual harassment, the writers guild strike of 1988 disrupting the process and budgetary issues resulting in the infamous one and only clip show episode. ” Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Day Twenty Two: Favourite fandom quote?