Embracing the Collection

“Last year I undertook a personal challenge, a simple premise, complete a single game from my backlog on a monthly basis and try and experience some of these titles gathering real or virtual dust in my various collections. In itself a noble endeavour but ultimately based on the premise of the collection itself being a negative state of affairs, a failure on my part as a gamer. Perhaps I thought accomplishing this challenge would validate my reasoning, allow me to debate or discuss from a position of moral authority, who can say, but it was a largely positive experience providing some lasting memories.” Continue reading Embracing the Collection

Financial Incentive and Reward in Video Games: Part One -The vaults of history.

“Money, wealth could be use for its intended and recognised real world application not to extend your health, with the¬†associatory¬†cost/benefit decision-making process, to conserve your resource to utilise and bargain for at a later date or consume in the here and now and enjoy the brief satisfaction found.” Continue reading Financial Incentive and Reward in Video Games: Part One -The vaults of history.

Exploring the Elements: Water

“Games such as Endless Ocean allude to that sensation and present a world or environment where you can envision and even imagine that feeling but no game has come anywhere close to that feeling when you submerge and feel that sense of freedom and tension evaporating beneath the surface. Instead, whether intentionally or not, modern games have instead opted to focus on the grandeur of the vision and environment.” Continue reading Exploring the Elements: Water

12 Months, 12 Games: January – LA Noire

“One of the great features of LA Noire and also its most impactful for me was the motion capture of the bodies when you were undertaking your investigations and the very real, physical effect this had on me when playing this ‘game’. Because, the bodies looked so life-like and your interaction with them closely resembled how you would touch and handle another person there was a level of resonance and connectivity beyond anything I had experienced before and to this date with more modern titles and releases.” Continue reading 12 Months, 12 Games: January – LA Noire