Star Trek: The Adventure – Review

“Star Trek: The Adventure opened on the 18th December 2002 to coincide with the release of the last Next Generation era film, Nemesis. An interactive temporary exhibit constructed and situated in London’s Hyde Park over the festive period and running for over six months into the following Spring, the exhibition was modelled on the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and was a showcase of interactive exhibits, props and sets from the various series and iterations of the series to date and of course a wealth of merchandise to buy” Continue reading Star Trek: The Adventure – Review

30 Day Challenge Day Thirteen: Favourite book series?

“When I was young I would read a lot, a common sentiment I would imagine for anyone that has grown up in the digital age and found the availability and scope of media available instantaneously a strong desirable form of entertainment over the relatively small and modest barrier to entry of purchasing a physical book to read” Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Day Thirteen: Favourite book series?

30 Day Challenge Day Two: What is your most recent fandom?

“I enjoyed each series as if it were the last, pleasantly surprised when they returned, it was my most recent fandom and honestly, probably my most recent guilty pleasure. To the best of my knowledge, my friends don’t watch it, colleagues at work are oblivious, my partner besides an appreciation for Eric Dane from his Grey’s Anatomy days couldn’t care less. It’s my own little fandom” Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Day Two: What is your most recent fandom?

On Tour With Game of Thrones in Malta

“This month I was fortunate to visit the former British colony of Malta and Gozo, a relatively small trinity of islands to the west of Sicily and Italy that was both instantly familiar due to the prevalence of British chains and infrastructure across both the islands. However, if you knew where to look as a fan of the series there was a great deal to see and explore.” Continue reading On Tour With Game of Thrones in Malta

TV in 2019 – First Half Review

“As the first half of the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on a wealth of television both on the traditional and challenger networks that has been released over the last six months. As someone with an open penchant to consume a vast plethora of media and subject matter, 2019 has seen an abundance of riches released to the general public, with a few notable conclusions scattered in certainly if your heart has a desire for the small screen, you haven’t been left for wanting. Of course, one of the benefits of the digital era is the opportunity to go back and discover or enjoy a forgotten treasure, those landmark series that passed you by on the first occasion. With June coming to an end, as a British writer, my review of the television series I have watched over the last six months, not necessarily created or abiding by their release on US networks as we do tend to, on occasion draw the short straw of release dates.” Continue reading TV in 2019 – First Half Review

The TV Show’s Tag-Tagged

“I do on occasion like to push myself and challenge some of these topics of conversation, they are a good natured and revealing discussion that allows you to invest as much or as little of yourself as you wish to expose. I enjoy watching and discussing television series and shows for the simple truth today‚Äôs media, not in perhaps impact or legacy is our equivalence of plays or theatre in days gone by and a reflection of our moral stand point. ” Continue reading The TV Show’s Tag-Tagged