Bond in Motion

Comfortably Adventurous

Originally an exhibition opened at the Beaulieu Motor Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond Franchise before moving to its more permanent home at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden in 2014, the Bond in Motion exhibition, an assortment of vehicles and props from the spy series continues to grow and expand with the subsequent expansion of the franchise with the last iteration Spectre. A celebratory exhibition showcasing the cars from a variety of brands including Aston Martin and BMW that have assisted the world’s most famous fictional secret agent, its continued presence has seen delivery of cars from the latest Bond film including shells and props such as the latest Aston Martin DB10, the prototype car not released into production but developed for the purpose of the film. Principally the attraction of the museum as a whole will come from the appreciation of both classic…

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3 thoughts on “Bond in Motion

    1. ‘twas enjoyable. One of those collections if you have no knowledge or interest is just a bunch of bashed up cars but for a Bond fan, wow 👍🏻

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