Gifts from America

“There is something, refreshingly quaint of a company that champions the physical presence and appeal of a flagship store of this type even if there is a logical argument to then increase the physical presence beyond a single city.”


Video Games: Design/Play/Disrupt – Part One: Concept Art and Development

“Once derided and overlooked, as an art form, digital design and development has evolved in a remarkably condensed period from it’s humbling beginnings to its current iteration. Arguably, subjectively the video game industry has reached somewhat of a zenith pertaining to graphical portrayal in its presentation with the cost in pursuit of a higher graphical image suffering from arguable diminishing returns.”

The Art Of Horizon Zero Dawn Review

“In pursuit of the wider narrative, the necessity by design and of nature to embrace and explore the wider themes present, often the minutiae and nuance of the detail is overshadowed by the same structure. The themes and mysticism of the Old Ones, slowly revealed through the course of the narrative is explored and realised in more detail as the development and design process of regressing the urban environment transforms the familiar metropolis to a decayed, ruined landscape”

On Tour With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: St Paul’s to Covent Garden.

“As the level of immersion continues to deepen and our awareness and perception of the virtual worlds we inhabit and the environment around us unifies, we take a look at one one cities digital and physical appearance.  Gather the kindle, prepare the stones and take your place, around the bonfire as we take a personal look around the City of London using Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.”