10 Composers, 10 Great Movie Themes

“A wealth and abundance of riches, choosing a single piece from this composer whose scores are as renowned as the worlds he brings to life in his compositions was daunting prospect. A number of his tracks have had a different impact on me as I have grown up and become aware of the impact he alone has had on the cultural resonance.”

The Art of Last of Us Review

“Now with the means to create these environments with ease, so the scope of the narrative has progressed, familiar structures and buildings shaped and evolved in their entirety and on occasion their degradation based on a plot need. Towards the end of the previous generation, software titles confined in their ability to a degree by hardware limitations shaped their narrative around a confined set path, creating the illusion of freedom and expanse whilst allowing the user to follow a set path emerged and engulfed within but never straying beyond the limitations enshrined in the design of the game. “

Video Games: Design/Play/Disrupt – Part One: Concept Art and Development

“Once derided and overlooked, as an art form, digital design and development has evolved in a remarkably condensed period from it’s humbling beginnings to its current iteration. Arguably, subjectively the video game industry has reached somewhat of a zenith pertaining to graphical portrayal in its presentation with the cost in pursuit of a higher graphical image suffering from arguable diminishing returns.”